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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


BI in this entry not stand for Bahasa Inggeris but stand for Business Intelligence. Why I want to discuss about this in my entry. Because now I need develop my skill in BI. Last time at my industrial training, I have attended training BI in Oracle but now I need explore BI developent in MS SQL Server 2008.

Before this I have expose in system development skill especially in software development phase and database also.

But in BI more to how analysis data from existing data. So I must have knowledge in OLAP, Data warehouse, ETL and many more term in database area.

So challenging for me. Why I say that:

  1. We need know the various DBMS.
  2. The data integrity is very importance.
  3. Data cleaning.
  4. How to make sure metadata follow the format. Especially data in excel.
  5. Integrate date from various terminal.
  6. Etc
But, I will take as challenging..and now I think my head have head feel fluffy.

Now I want to solve this first:

  • Install MS SQL Server 2008 at mock up server.
  • Explore BI development area.
  • Macro in Excel.
  • And many think coming..
omg..what should I do first..
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