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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How you want to look sweet

Salam every body..

You know what..your smile can make some one feel better.. thats why have 1 proverb "Senyum itu sedekah". Every morning to your self first. Look at mirror and smile to your self first and say have a nice day or pray for muslim.

Then before you out "salam dengan cium tanggan" if you with your family or at least say "pergi dulu".

If you walking see a round you. And give smile for every person look you. Is OK if there not give back smile. Some time is feel difficult..but you try it. You day feel better.

If you doing mistake please say "maaf" or sorry.. The mad situation will slow down.

If you send email or receive email dont forget to reply and say thank you. Below I have some the cute email from my inbox. Even I dont know who the sender but I will smile after I read the email:

  1. thankyou (^_^)
  2. tq a lot Puan Nor Azlia....^_^
  3. Received with thanks
  4. Ok noted with thanks.
Ok so don't shy to smile every body and laugh as you can... hahaha...

Lastly don't hesitate to comment my writing..tq (^_^)

(P/s: Cukup untuk english lesson hr nie..setiap hri kene spent 1 jam untuk individual lesson. Target 5 jam per week..30 mnt writing and 30 mnt read....)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Semoga hati lebih tenang

"Ya Allah, aku memohon cintaMu dan orang yang mencintaiMu, serta (kasihkan) amalan yang mendekatkan aku kepada cintaMu. Ya Allah, jadikan cintaMu lebih aku cintai berbanding diriku sendiri dan ahli keluargaku dan daripada air yang dingin"-hadis riwayat Tarmizi

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

To Cinta Melody fan clube

Here I want to share for reader the sinetron Cinta Melody now show it at Astro Ria every Monday to Friday 6.30pm. Becouse of I dont have Astro so I follow this drama at Clik Here

Thanks for the hellosky for the sharing. I verry like it..the OST also.

p/s:Thanks for Denn and Yana for the sharing also..xoxoxoxo. The hero is like mirul. Hahaha budak yg selalu gado dgn aku kat opiz..nakal2 pun biler tak jumpa rindu..hahahaha

Monday, May 9, 2011

Last Day Diet

Yesterday is the last day for me refrain eat chicken, meat, ice, Nescafe and seafood. But for a while I can eat in small amount to insure my acne is gone. Not expert will recovery faster, but as long will be reduce slowly. That's are my hope for now. Is not easy to me, prevent my self to eat that food. Because the all food is my favorite. Pray for me..

This is my checklist every day:
  • Every day I must drink at least 2liter(your weight/25) white water..
  • Drink orange juice. But I eat 1 peace of orange every day..
  • Rice, fish and veg for my lunch..
  • For my diner maybe I will get some hot drink(not Nes) and gardenia..
Bored right..

So tomorrow I will start get drink wakeup early to prepare it..chaiyok2

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