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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jalan-jalan with Miss Norlin

Today we go to Shah Alam to meet Miss Norlin. She now working at KDU Damansara Utama. But she stay with her cousin at Shah Alam. Around 10am we depart from cheras. The first destination is Giant Shah Alam. Firstly we get some food as break1st and lunch. :). Then we buy some thing. For me I buy new slippers and Zila present for her birtday..sorry for the late gift.

The next destination is Shah Alam lake..We chat and back to Miss Norlin house around 3 pm. I really enjoy with this day..thanks to all my all is very meaningfull for me..Without you maybe I not strong now..Very thankfull to Allah for the given friend and family. I very2 love them..Below is the few picture we take..


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